Nothing is inspiring like a person that says I will follow my heart and success in my dreams. Underestimating people should be left out of life these days, what is more important is that we should look at is the Beginning To The End.

We complain about hardship and no way that things are making sense in this country called Liberia when it comes to your creative work being exposed to the world at large, but it has been one of the most difficult things to justify to even yourself as to why you say it.

This article covers several young men and women in Liberia that have broken the circle of change and they have made it possible when others felt it was just no way around to see the world appreciating your efforts.

Why do we shout out on SkinnyBoi Kpanto now, is it because he changes what society requested? Growing up as an artist that had explicit lyrics, clean without contents to be avoided from all ways of life, but yet Liberian people never knew his name and never listen to his messages. This young man changed the narrative and became the type that every young man and woman will listen to when he saw the hurt and ill in the minds of many young people, he jumped into much more dangerous lyrics with more vulgar lyrics than before, he was welcomed and now he’s well known by his intro, “Am The Street President.” His work stepped up the game of many artists, seeing this young man coming from grass to grace in the industry made many people wonder why someone with such abusive words in his song can blow all of a sudden, but the narrative wasn’t yet clear to them. Kpanto producer, manager, and frying, AFoe Doe has been one of the best successes of his life, he listens to him, learns from him, and agreed to be what he wanted him to be, he’s one of the longest-serving artists to any record label in Liberia, from day one, Kpanto has been with Holy Record and he shows that gratitude that no matter his lyrics, he’s humble and respectful to all. With his boldness and vibe that change the music game, he stands to show the many improvements in his life by taking you out of Liberia, riding his car, and at most, he’s no longer Skinny, he’s now choppy.

She was formed from grade school straight to the level of winning things that she was yet to get mature into, Miss Tribeau Brown serves in many ways to show her true nature as an innocent lady that knew nothing about the world but needed the world to help her grow. After winning Miss Pan Africa and still serving, she emerged as Big Brabee Liberia – BBL Season I first winner.

Tribeau could not understand the history that was being set at first, she lived a life full of excitement, glamorous and unaware of what the media was made of, as time went by, she became to learn and adapt to the world she found herself in, she turned to be the role model that many young women saw in which they could follow and learn from. Presently, Tribeau is now recognized for her hard work and her titles among many young people in and out of Liberia, she will always be the first winner of Liberia’s first and longest TV show.

Designer are made to change your closet, your lifestyles, your believe as to what makes you beautiful, handsome or what bring out the best in you once worn.
Diamond Delbee Bestman has the touch that draws anyone’s attention to her crafty work, she pushes the art and culture of her mother’s land to a point that even foreigners wonder more about her creative mind and work. Diamond set the record to be one of Liberian top creative Africano dressers and designers in Liberia. She has worked for almost all the top female celebrities in Liberia and remains unique to the top of her work. This is one of the many Liberians you wish to see in person, talk to and learn from. Miss Bestman is engaged and is highly recognized by her clients, and her work pays off.

Culture and customs are in the mind of everyone. We as a human has a unique flow when it comes to identifying with our culture because it teaches us our origin way of life, it teaches us our background, as to where we belong, where we originated from as a tribe, a religion and many other norms. Momo Thomas Vaii is truly seen as a kick start to giving out beautiful memories of great work being done by him and his team, serving as a designer, known as an organizer of events, been in the field of movie productions, and now setting the record straight in preparation of marriage sites, where he set up traditional wedding platforms, he has been noticed as one of the upstanding men that never falls back on anything he does, he stands up strong to show the little ones that believe in arts and craft that there’s nothing impossible to do even if trying 999 times, just do something that people will want, even if it is not for long, learn to adapt to their needs and wants and always be available. Momo is passionate about his country seen as the best place on earth, so for such belief, he does his work 100% accurately and has the best to offer to his clients.

The cry to be smart, wiser, stronger, determine and mind blowing is in every young person but what is more important is the implementation process. Young and vibrant model, first time running for Miss Liberia, she took the crown and used every opportunity to pursue her dreams and brought it all to light, Miss Wokie Dolo stood up and faced life many times as it knocked her down. Knowing that her serving as Miss Liberia was as long as it has been, she used that energy to show many young women that your life decisions are in your hands and you can use it wisely to let the world hear your voice or silence yourself by the opinion of others that don’t dream as you.

Wokie is a true inspiration to many young people, be you female or make, she showed that it is possible to do anything you want to do and it is not hard to ignore what is not benefiting you as in pursuing your dreams. Miss Dolo had one of the hardest times serving her people as Miss Liberia and she’s still serving but she does not let them get at her. She has been one of the most creative ladies of her age, bringing up programs that benefited many young people. With this you can tell that she is not just someone that seeks her interest alone, but the interest of every Liberian and wants the best for Liberia.

If we can all go back to Mother Nature and ask her what we should do with her products, she will ask us to speak to Mahmud Johnson because he’s serving as her spokesman in Liberia. Mahmud used one opportunity to bring in many, he used the term in the Holy Bible that says “Prepare thyself in the days of your youth.” If you don’t know his name as to who he is, let me push you to a clearer path that you can identify him on. Serving as JPalm Liberia founder and concept creator, Mr. Johnson took this opportunity by its mainstream and used it wisely. In Africa, people look up to inventors, those that bring ideas to life, those that start and finish, in Africa, we believe they are the ones that make life easier. Mr. Johnson has given hundreds of Liberia jobs, helping to increase the economic growth of his country, he strives, even more, to give out more opportunities to everyone to look good, eat good and be happy at the same time by using his products. Opening of his new office space shows the level of growth, rebranding his dreams to the world shows that Liberians are not just spectators in their own country but are contributors to the growth of their country economy. When the name JPalm is mentioned in Liberia nowadays people run for their products, it has served the people with just what it advertises. Mahmud Johnson has proven to many that we don’t need to look outside of Liberia for people that will motivate you to be successful in life, you can look at your fellow Liberians sisters and brothers and learn from them, learn from their stories, and you don’t need to travel overseas or stay out of Liberia to bring your dream to reality, you can do it right here in Liberia and be who you want to be. This man is one of the main re-branders of Liberia.

Can’t say too much about this man, Alex Nyenga (Jackie Russ) is not yet a legend but he’s working to be a gladiator among his mates in the media work. This is no secret he’s the first Liberian artist to be seen as a video producer in Liberia, Jackie work speaks out so much for him over the past years, he has been recorded as a helping hand to many that can’t afford too much when changed for a music video. Jackie Ross is not just a Liberian by nationality, but he’s a black man by continent, he’s tall, athletic, and is cover with tattoos on almost half of his body. His attitude is just as calm as his work looks.

If he should be given a name apart from Jackie Ross he will be called the 24 hour Guy, this is a name that shows out how he works and if he doesn’t get a positive result he bounce back to what he was doing, but one thing about him, he doesn’t come back to what he’s achieved doing, that’s because he’s careful and cheerful in his work. This man shows the entire nation that living to bring success to a nation is not a thing that one should be scared to do, but one should invest his/her all into it. He gives his all to bringing better visuals to the Liberia entertainment industry, he’s so unique and determines that this has drawn the attention of many young men and women to take after him. Though he might not have been the first in his field in Liberia, he’s someone from the grass-root that the majority have seen his growth through the industry and remains focus on a cause. With his hard work and determination, Jackie gives hope to Liberians that yes we all can do what others of Liberia are doing.

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