Nobody talk down on a blogger and it goes easy on their opponent. Back to back social media talk has lead to lots of things coming out of two young promising Liberians, Miss Dolo who’s still serving as Miss Liberia and Alpha Oumar Bah who’s a great event planner, manager to Ezy Pain, a lead blogger at Chichipoly Room and as well a chef that host his own cookout two to three times a year.

This drama has lead to people getting information from the both parties without paying a dammed, except browsing the internet to see what’s unfolding.

Wokie Dolo went on a live to address the Alpha boss lady and as well as Alpha, she said a lot of things that she might not have prove of, but it’ is said “in palava people says so many things and sometimes the facts are in almost all they says.

Alpha did stop there, he listed to the 56:11 seconds video from Wokie and made a great piece of post that could as well send a warning to Wokie, but will this be the end of the online palava? Let’s read through what Oumar said;

At the ending, he made it clear to the general public he will be having a cookout comes December 22, 2021 at the Royal Grand Hotel. Actually, Royal Grand has a good place to take pictures for good memories, so we think it will be great with so much fun.

Won’t you come? Just asking cos Gossip Liberia family will be there for just in case. Y’all know na…