This whole thin it really going some kind of way mehn. If you look at de situation here Suzan and CIC really dancing some kinda song. Even de boyfriend of the blogor say she Na sayin fwen sorry to anyone. Dis case look too sweet to monitor can’t even say too much na because it’s like the jue freedom of speech is really being played with mehn, imagine after 16 years she jus took her first airplane ride to her birth land and mother land and she Na get in court business. Da Na small thing oh.

Let see what she said from Liberia Daily observer yah.

Blogger Suzan said in an interview: “This whole thing trampled upon my freedom of speech to every extent because we all are entitled to freedom of speech in this country, which of course I told Judge Peabody that people come for the President and nobody comes for them this way – me coming here after sixteen years and you guys are jumping on me putting me in jail, and making me to want to sign a paper not to say anything …that, is just wrong!”

She further said the only thing that worries her most, is that her daughter is sick and she is prevented from going back to Australia to cater for her child. Suzan has called on central to intervene into the matter, also saying that she is on the verge of losing her job.

In the meantime, when contacted, CIC’s manager King Jaffar told LINA that: “The case is in court so we cannot make comment on such matter.”

But on the question of any move for the two parties to settle their scores out the courts, Jaffar, however, said that: “That has been agreed upon long time but the other party is not willing, so that’s it.”

Liberia’s entertainment setting appears to be one of the most challenged in Africa, and observers say it needs progressive ideas to move to the next level and not based on, marginal issues such as beef and other actions alike, already hurting the industry.

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