The 45th Monrovia day was a great day to remember all the hard work and efforts put into place to make the capital city of Liberia to have a successful law and order that its citizens can abide to.

Whereas from 1835 to 1922 the city of Monrovia existed as a municipal government; and whereas the legislative Act of February 8, 1922 abolished the Municipal status of the city of Monrovia and created a lieu thereof a commonwealth district with a commissioner who served as ceremonial head of the commonwealth district; and whereas the legislative Act approved July 19, 1973 and published August 16, repealed the 1922 Act creating the Commonwealth District of Monrovia and created in lieu thereof, the city of Monrovia, Montserrado.

Mayor Koijee and delegates from Sierra Leone inspect the parade

The 16th day of February each year be declared a holiday within the city of Monrovia to be known as “Monrovia Day” to generate a sense of identity and increase the level of awareness of the residents and thus accelerate the pace of development in the city, that the Monrovia day be celebrated with appropriate programs and that the mayor of the city of Monrovia give the “State of the city Message” in which he shall report to the residents the activities including the progress made and problems encountered during the period under review.

The mayor shall at the same time present his programs for the ensuring year. Done in council chamber of the Monrovia City Corporation this 23rd day of January, A.D 1979.

Occasions Marking The Celebration of Monrovia Day

Sierra Leone Mayor, Yvonne Aki- Arrived in Liberia to grace the occasion, where she was taken to Bomi county at the Blue lake and giving the opportunity to meet the people of Bomi. She and her delegates arrived a day before the parade of the 45th Monrovia Day Celebrations.

Honoring Monrovia Day, there was an academic challenge held in the name of Monrovia City Cooperation-MCC, as the MCC Quizzing Tournament. This is an academic program that has been going on for months, a winner emerged successfully with the sum of $2,000.00 cash prize and a trophy, second winner walked away with $1,000.00. These are all ways of showcasing amazing academic performances in over 160 communities of sixteen districts across Montserrado. These awards were presented at the 45th Monrovia Day, February 16, 2021.

There were parade of the city police, fire service, Liberia national police and a band set of the Arm Forces of Liberia – AFL. There were schools present at the occasion, business men and women, a full coverage of all media entities. This day was well welcomed by all Montserrado citizens. From the hall to the out door program everything was epic and set a history to be kept in the book or record that Monrovia Day is now a holiday in Montserrado, every year, February 16 will be kept at Monrovia day. Clean city, green city, peaceful city.