While Anitram is in a twisted dilemma of love with Stunn and puts her forgetter lover I am Bluffer Joe on the side, sheโ€™s on a busy scene with Stunna putting the internet on fire. The question many are not asking is โ€œIs this a real love or some kind of stunt to gain relevance? If it is for relevance this is the wrong guy to even build her fame with, what about Bluffer Joe ( they say him buy Anitram Car ooh) and made her start singing all the lovely songs that even attracted MC Caro to hit on her once with some kind of convo (you know that kind of level na ). Bluffer Joe is also an artist, he’s living out of Liberia (when the man was in SPS he really enjoyed himself, that was where he got the name Bluffer Joe)

What could have happened to Stunn’s childhood girlfriend when they graduated from AMEU together? Nobody can answer this question, but hereโ€™s the hideout of Stunna’s real love, she is a hideout lady, one with no trace and doesn’t want to be attached to him (and she’s has a child, but we don’t know if it’s Stunn Child ๐Ÿ˜ฎ, we can’t post the she and the kid here). Stunn had a serious relationship with this girl when he did the video with Master Queen, titled For Life (which had 1.4 Million views and it was four years ago), a planned scene with no strings attached, just to roll and create the hype, it went on till it was a done deal. Did someone say they had a relationship? Donโ€™t hurt yourself thinking too much, it was just a bite-and-go move, that kind of entertainment thing, roll with the script to keep fans busy.

It was speculated he had a relationship with Benita Urey before, a year ago when we featured her on a song called Mr. Right( it got 24K views on YouTube and it was a year ago) it was also speculated months ago that she was pregnant for Stunn (another way to boost his morals and get him more attention), where did that go? From the look of things, heโ€™s the worst branding artiste with Audio fans than any other artistes in Liberia, looking at his style of singing, he sings well( that’s something nobody can do, but for the fan base, he sucks.

With the many attempts he has made to grow, he always uses trending ladies, he did use another model way back and it was speculated again he was in a relationship with Doris. If you can remember Doris, she performed in two trending music, the song she performed in with Stunn is called Oh Lady (it has 57K views and it was three years ago). In that song, Doris was the entire attraction of the song, her romantic scene blew the internet and everyone was like (โ€œWhoโ€™s that girl? And truly sheโ€™s a beauty queenโ€), but was there any relationship? Nah, nothing of such, she just played her part and went forth with the flow. To add to her records of the few videos that she acted in that blow were two, the second was โ€œMondayMa – Ldrez Ft CIC (this video got 237K views on YouTube), and from there onward it was just a flow of her doing her regular industry as a makeup artist till she flew to Dubai where she has been for 3 years in total, also he did a song with model and fashion designer Shalom called Oh Baby (it has 14K views and it was five years ago). He had a relationship with Shalom too? (The way yor can lie in this country).

In conclusion, Stunn and his hype with ladies to enable him to blend with the musical industry in a more romantic style to get attention from fans has not been fruitful but all gameplay to make him look like the lady’s milk, which he isnโ€™t (Not a day he made a post about being in a relationship with any of these ladies, the man na stupid seh) and only these ladies be posting (man business really hard yah)

Anitram is fronting with Stunn because they are on the same record label, but the question is why do they use Stunn for hype, is it that heโ€™s the only vulnerable male in the industry?

In additional news, Obi Trice also known as Obika or Obi Obi (chey da lovely name too ooh) went back to her husband and became pregnant. Donโ€™t ask me how, it was all settled by a big family friend of her husband, Samuel Jacob, and Samuel Jacob is a politician, but for now, we end our story here.

After the Australian girl wanted to take her man, it was a big wahala on Facebook when the husband of Obi, while married, went ahead to engage his Australian Bae( this traveling business from Liberia has caused too many wahala meh), thank God Obi got her man back yah and enjoying her marriage with a baby on the way.

Not all you see on Facebook or social media is a thing to hurt yourself forโ€ฆ blah blah blah.

But there are whispers that Stunn and Anitram have been seen in some low-key areas having some real intimacy that isn’t on the airways like that because they both are obligated to their spouses (but some kind of knacking is going on undercover ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฎ)

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