Many people have been writing me concerning Lone Star and what’s been said in the media about me and other team members.

Firstly I would like to say that playing for Liberia has been and will continue to be the highlight of my professional career.
Nothing feels better than being called to represent your country.

Having said that, I would like to address a few statements made about me by my former Coach Peter Butler.

I worked with Coach Butler 2012 in Malaysia when I played for my former club Terangganu FA. That particular year I was awarded the golden boots scoring 35 goals in all competitions. Coach Butler and myself parted ways as he sought out employment elsewhere and I moved to a new team, Selangor FA, the biggest team in Malaysia at the time. I worked with Coach Butler for a year and we had no major altercations or conflicts. I am a passionate player and I strive to give 100% of myself all the time.

Coach Butler insinuating that as a talented player I should not be playing in Malaysia to demean my character is totally wrong. I’ve worked from the age of 15 years old up until now playing in various countries to sustain myself and my family. To date I am the only foreign player to cross the 100 goal mark winning 2 golden boots in Malaysia. So I have no regrets because Malaysia gave me the opportunity that other countries did not.

When it comes to respect and character I believe that respect is a two way street and that is my philosophy in life.

When a player is treated with respect and is compensated properly He will do his most because He knows He’s representing his country and his country appreciates him. It doesn’t matter what field of work you do your performance is always better when you are appreciated.

The Lone Star has come a long way from the days when we used to buy our own tickets to come and play and wait to be re imbursed. We’ve made sacrifices and we will continue to do so because Liberia is all we have.

My name goes around a lot for being indiscipline but I’m one of the few players that have not taken a red card or a yellow card on the field of play for the Lone Star.
I will disagree with an official or a person if I feel I’m not treated properly because I’m a man that speaks my mind. I do not keep things in mind for people and people that know me personally will attest to that.

The LFA should treat all players with respect and live up to it’s responsibilities. This was how George Weah 11 made it to the African cup. It wasn’t magic. If they could do it then we too can do it now.

As someone who’s served the Lone Star for many years I would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Bility former LFA Boss. He is one of the few people from the FA that reached out to me during my time of injury and checked on my recovery process.

I want to wish my team all the success for this upcoming game. Coaches will come and go. Players will come and go but The Lone Star will remain forever!