From the onset he has been trying hard not to be out of the moment or everything that seems healthy, with laughter, jokes and much more by having his own side of the story to change the society.

As a comedian, emerging into a reality TV show favorite, becoming the first host after coming from within Big Brabee Liberia. Standing tall as the first ever MC of MTN Star Choice, Ezy Pain has set the bench mark for many young men that sees him as their iconic being. Going through his regular exercises he always said he wanted to show the world that being healthy isn’t just about eating good food and taking the best medication, but looking good in every aspect of healthy living.

These are few images of our youngest MC to set the stage on both laugher and spotlights of his great fans. You know the rest of the story as in his latest degree achievement, he left his uptown relationship and stayed with the one back home from the house of BBL.

Any other story we don’t know nah yahhh…