The question is, how did you, Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr., acquire your wealth? Was it through hard work or businesses? I doubt it hugely. Wasn’t it via unexplained means tied to what is widely believed to be stealing from the Liberian people in smart ways? What moral authority do you have to question another person in your league? Fun can’t finish for true.

Alex Tyler, whose picture you have displayed along with the Nigerian who has Liberian Diplomatic Passport, has no character, in my view, especially having earned himself the name corruption “King Kong” in Liberia. So “anything is possible” because Liberia is “full of uncertainty” too.

Sadly, only in country like Liberia that people like you serve in or get elected to public offices having cleverly acquired unexplained wealth easily attributed to looting the public coffers and thrown crumbs in the ways of the people you have made hungry and impoverished by your poor leadership. You belong in the trash can of the Liberian leadership history, even though you are currently, by democratic accident and tyranny of the majority, parachuted to position of leadership on the strength of unexplained wealth that smells with all bad things that can be done to rob the poor, while a few swim in luxury. You are no saint here. You are a sinner too!

Let us hear in our good ears mehn! Two of you: Snowe and Tyler belong on the same bench, just so you know.

On the passports issue, truth be told, it is sad that our passports have become waiter market goods easily available to foreign crooks with deep pockets. It is sickening that while Liberians can’t get their own passports easily due to shortage, they are easily in the hands of several foreigners and aliens. The integrity of our passports has been undermined and compromised. We are in a mess mehn.

Credit: Teeko T. Yorlay Sr.