People have been bashing words at this lady for months since she took her stand to be a part of the Liberia entertainment industry, she had lots of talks back and bashing words coming before her in different forms, she never took these statements to be anything big, she kept moving forward.

Coming back to Liberia after so many years being out of the country gives her chills as to how she saw many unemployed Liberians, especially the youths who have talents and skills that they could use and do something positive for their various communities, their counties and their country in general.

Audrey cutting grass with the wiper.

Hosting her first event that was well arranged, giving awards, cash prizes, medals and certificates to all, participants and organizers. Audrey never stopped there, she decided to bring on another program that will help keep the environment keep clean and gives good health to people. She launches Keep the City Clean Camping; she encourages those affected by drugs and abandons victims (They are called Zokos in Liberia) of street life to be at the front of this project.

The initiative basically focused on over 30 disadvantaged youths.

According to Audrey, if disadvantaged youths who are generally referred to as Zokos are given the opportunities, they can be productive citizens.

The Clean-Up Campaign is a continuous initiative that is also meant to buttress government efforts in creating jobs for its people.

Compensating everyone that was involved in the cleanup exercise as a way to encourage them to do better and see the reason that they have something to eat after their long efforts to cleaning their own environment.

Audrey Adams and the cleanup campaigners

Audrey M. Adam is becoming a household name in the country bit by bit as she touches lives in positive ways and makes a great impact on the lives of young and older people living in her country. She’s called by the entertainment industry as the Most Talked About.

Audrey and her boyfriend Sam