With significant differences between the two senators of Montserrado’s country, senior and Junior senators, you can see who’s actually having the developmental mind and people’s heart, by going and doing exceptional things.

Three days ago, on Monday, May 22, 2023, there was a contribution made by Hon Saah H. Joseph the, Senator for Montserrado County. He presented opened handed denoted medical apparatus and some medicine to the 14 Military hospitals in Margibi County.

In a few words to the press, Hon. Joseph noted that the donation is meant to support the government’s endeavors in equipping all hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country as a means to provide necessary care for its citizens.

As he lamented on other things to be done in the future, he also made it clear to the press that such a donation will be done at the soonest possible time at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Hospital in Grand Bassa County, and public hospitals in Lofa county.

We all know that Senator Joseph has been going back and forth doing more for the Liberian people, it is not a thing to be surprised, especially seeing how he has helped in the transportation sector by helping with Buses for transportation with cheaper prices, the emergency side, doing Ebola by providing ambulance. All of what he has done has not 100% come from his salary but with the help of his movement from one place to another, making it possible that people out of Liberia to hear him out to help his people back home.

The donation made to the 14 Military Hospital became possible with the help of his association with the Gateway Medical Alliance in the United States.

The Gateway Medical Alliance has worked in partnership with five countries so far from 2022, they worked with Cambodia, Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, and Ukraine, they send out 15 shipping containers to their partners around the world, which are the listed countries above, and they supply medical. Since 1997 this company has been working and shipping containers of medical supplies to countries, they have partners in, and this time in 2023, Liberia continuously got its supplies through the help of Senator Saah Joseph.

We hope to see other representatives, senators, and community leaders making such contributions toward the development of Liberia instead of waiting on the government to go do it alone. This is what we called lobbying.