State of Emergency concern

Mr. president you have declared state of Emergency that is the first part, and we are supportive of that decision, where is the National Response Plan?

It’s been two days Mr. President, since you declared the State of Emergency, IT IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!

It’s been over a month since the coronavirus entered Liberia, IT IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!

World Bank made a commitment of $15,million United States Dollars since March 19 and has paid over half if not all to fight this Virus, there have been many other contributions, some locally, the Government made a commitment of $500,000 untied states dollars, so we have some money to start, where is the plan?

There Senate has resumed, our offices are active and we are working from our different chat rooms and conference calls, but can’t do much without the plan, we will immediately go to our chambers when you are ready, to include our inputs. Liberia is waiting because the mandate is not defined properly. It’s chaotic this morning……

Please note also, that sending non medical contact tracers in the field is a death trap for all of our citizens. We reject that in the strongest terms and need your intervention ASAP.

Please LEAD with collaboration and cooperation, we are ready and willing to do this together.

Liberia First!

-Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence-