Big Brabee Liberia is going to be one of the biggest television programs to hit the country; we had few reality programs that came to light in Liberia for which the first of its kind was Face of Paynesville, a pageant show that was always on one of Liberia local and the best television, Real TV; Bilikon ENT was the front behind the whole thing. They brought happiness to the people of Liberia as Face of Paynesville was more likely like a reality TV show and later Bilikon added, Bilikon Artist Search.

These programs were all full of good things, beautiful people and talented men and woman, by that time the use of the Internet was not as it is today. All these started from 2014 doing the heat of the Ebola crisis; the contestants of FOP14 made it possible to give out bucket, soaps, and other things that will help prevent family and love ones from contacting the deadly virus that was taking the lives of thousands Liberians. Face of Paynesville and Bilikon Artist Search was like a seasonal television program that got families and relatives as well as love one’s glue to the televisions to see the true talents of young people.

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Bilikon stopped all shows because of franchises. Now another great show is gearing up to make a huge impact in the lives of many Liberians, there’s a shaking table under its planning as to who owns the franchise of this Big Brabee Liberia and Big Brother Liberia. In times like this, it slow contestant down with fear that they might not get the opportunity to carrying on their dreams, and best arts won’t be displayed as they have wished for such a brilliant opportunity to come to Liberia, but again it is having some political struggle as to who’s gonna own it finally, but the host for Big Brabee Liberia seems not to be shaking but making sure the best thing happens, just like the case of The Most Beautiful Girl In Liberia. This is going to be the second biggest reality TV show to hit the country on television, but it will be the first to hit international scene on a satellite television port that has a local television broadcasting from their sources; Terma television will be the television that will carry this whole program, for which they are channeled on Satcom as channel number 2.[fvplayer id=”14″]

In a difficult time like this as the world faces serious health issues, this program is about to kickoff, measure to be taken in place for healthy contestant haven’t been shown to the public as to how they are going to test every single contestant who has been out of Liberia for the past 14 days before entering the house. The CORONAVIRUS is a big threat to the globe, and we have people coming from another nation to contest in this house. There seems to be a surprise package for the whole team of contestants coming for the auditioning. As we all gear up for the Big Brabee Liberia, let us all see how many contestants we have in the house for the audition before we come out with our true house members.

This is going to make dreams come through. Ambassadors will come out of the house for companies that need good brand ambassadors, people are going to get connected with each other to hit international scenes on movies and this will as well make Liberians to see that not only on social media you see true talents but also when all are together you find out who’s truly talented. So far we have like 15 contestants going into the house.

Let us wait to get our satcom channel to Tarma TV and watch Big Brabee Liberia ‘20.