At the party of Liberia self-proclaimed richest male artist, Mr. Parbai, people were expecting to see more of this rich man, but it was just another waste of time from the fans after a picture was posted on Facebook of him sitting with few bottles that are regular around the city where anyone can afford.

Mr. Parbai sitting before the birthday table

Mr. Parbai was giving the amount of L$153k for the music of the year “Love Oo
For which his manager was asked if the money was given to her for the uplifting of the artist’s career, she said no she doesn’t know anything about the money and haven’t received the said amount for which she saw posted on social media. She further said that

I asked my artist about the money and he said he hasn’t received the money from MLMA yet.”

Could it be that the artist is taking some pleasurable moments in the money that was given to him while his manager was also left out of the show?

This artist is not the kind that joke when it comes to saying things out on social media.

This was as fun to many and few lashes out words to the artist for saying what he’s not.

More to come out on Mr. Parbai, just keep following.

His Australian bae laughed at him.