Since 2009-2010 upwards this producer and artist has been helping to build the Liberia music industry for which he was the only producer in cooperation with the late Quincy B, that was when legendary producer Stone Luck shine was already a day topping the table, Rawlo came along to help produce lots of great songs.

Rawls worked with Hard Head Record, producing hit songs for Eric Geso, DenG, Feouls, and a lot of other top artists in Liberia. He was the producer that stood up high after the death of Quincy B, the producer that had the left records of Quincy B, after several weeks of Quincy B, he was the producer that produced the song where all of Liberia top artists were on paying tribute to Quincy B. The name Rawlo is a household name in this industry which comes with not just being a producer, but a great musician that had changed lives and is still doing so with his best.

With the history backing his origin or nationality, it has been through rumors that he’s from Nigeria, and is not a Liberian. This has been something lots of people know, even his close friends. One thing about Liberians they never stop putting things in your face. This got Rawlo upset and said he has had enough and it’s time he speaks out.