One of Liberia best blogger and first ever winner of the Liberty Young Achiever Awards of Best Blogger of the year is quieting his position as blogger of Plus Liberia.

Edwin Elic Jaleiba wrote these few resignation note on his Facebook wall to tell all that he’s taking a new lifestyle and a new path out of Plus Liberia.

Read below:

“Plus Liberia gave me what no one could have given me when I returned home to Liberia 4years ago for the first time. “Family” was our keyword, we went through all seasons of life together, Good, bad and ugly. I became an award winning blogger and writer under this same platform in 2018, A year after this Great platform was given birth to and practically two years of my stay here. “It’s always” I said those words relentlessly, not fully aware that one day I will be resigning to start a New Path for myself without my family Plus Liberia . Life is Life and we just have to embrace the changes it brings. I will really and deeply miss being a PlusLiberian. This New direction is for the good of all of us, so no one is loosing. I am forever grateful to Plus Liberia for pushing me this far, the love I got from Dennis Sambola, Slim beatz gold, Eric Mulbah and to everyone who supported me when I was Editor in chief and Assistant General Manager is endless. It’s very emotional that am moving on but I am happy and proud of myself that I am doing this. I know y’all will Support me as I walk on this New Journey of mine. I love y’all all my PlusLiberians and fans. Anticipate more greatness from me, I love you all. Nothing has changed, I am still your most Controversial Liberian Blogger Edwin Mohammed Elic-Jaleiba. Thanks for the love#ELIC-JALEIBA#”