Why is it that many great and talented artists in Liberia are having issues with management? Here’s one of Liberia’s once-trending young artists from the age of genesis of Liberian uprising artists when Pious was just an upcoming artist, which will still look like he’s still an upcoming artist because it has been forever since a song was released to the public.

Pious is with(but now he’s kicking himself out) Floyd Nation but has not been given the time to put a new song out to his fans, with dissatisfaction he tried to express his thought on social media about leaving the record because he doesn’t think it is right to be somewhere he’s not being put to the world, which was one of the many reasons he’s there or was there, but from the look of things, Floyd nation is not prepared to make him the star he felt he wasn’t without them. (This is emotional 🥲)

Sad times for him, it is shown that he’s tired of the free balling, running after the babes and pictures, going to free events and shouting the name Floyd Nation everywhere while he’s been put behind like a shadow in the dark. Since 2020 he was featured on a song called “Open Doesn’t Close” (we don’t even know where the song is or if it was release of just the flyer was saw 🤦) with T. Floyd, Don D, and J Slught, we are yet to hear his voice, again he was featured on Orange Live in 2020 that was all that came out of 2020 for the artist.

Since then Pious has been the man without a voice to hear called “Your Number 1 Boi,” all his fans are now jamming to T Floyd Song, and other artists songs that were release from Floyd Nation while he’s in a pitch darkness, left alone to decide his fate in the music game.

Read below:

If he’s leaving Floyd Nation with just a write up, do that mean he had no contract signed like Kobazzie when he was with Bilikon ENT, and like Young Z and Big Max? Liberian musicians need to learn and respect their career or age will teach them more lessons like the one you just read about Pious.

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