Phoenix Haven Africa Inc is a non-profit charity organization started in the United States aiming to better Liberia and its people. We aim to further the education of Liberia’s youth and adults to make them skilled and independent. Phoenix Haven Africa believes in working on all fronts to improve the lives of everyone in Liberia, regardless of their age.

In 2022 we started our women’s Literacy program. The program goal is to provide education for adult women in the community who did not have to opportunity to further their education. Lack of education has been one obstacle forbidding many adult women in Liberia from achieving their dreams and having a career.

With poverty level in Liberia being extremely high we know having proper education will allow our youths and adults to become more independent and create a suitable career. With our Chief Operating Officer Luke Kamara and our Chief Product Officer Mrs Evelyn Gray we were able to build a strong team in Monrovia. With the help of community advocates like Pastor Kelvin Dennis of REBC Ministries we was able to recruit our amazing staff. Thanks to our dedicated team in the USA and Liberia our Women Literacy program students will be preparing for graduation next month.

These amazing women ranging from the ages of 21 yrs old to 70 yrs old have done an amazing job and have shown resiliency, and we are very proud of all of them.

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