The internet has been so busy lately, from humanitarian, activist, bloggers, and comedians war, as well as some political jabs from one place to another, but it is still left unseen that the funny part wasn’t funny as many see it to be unfunny that a long time serving comedian (Noted To Be) has been discharged of his title by the CEO/founder of Diamond Online blog, which is no other person but, Sheikh Diamond Mohammed.

Late last night, Paul Flomo decided to post on his official the complete meaning of FUN and COMEDIAN based on Google search definitions and meanings, all of this came out due to the online commotion between him and Sheikh after he (Paul Flomo) made some comparison with a post made on Diamon Online and Liberia Clearly with a story that covered the safe arrival of music producer guru Stone Luckshine to Australia, this bright a very back to back post from all sides of the internet.

You can see that our comedian was left to decide his fate after he was challenged to prove that he’s a comedian more than any other comedians in Liberia, for which many said he’s not funny and nothing about him seems funny, this seems to touch him greatly, he took to Google search and had his peace of mind with a screenshot, but the battle didn’t stop there, he even made it more troubling for him, fans, commenters, and jabs throwing came rushing with bullying comments and emoji.

Some of the comments that caught the attention of commenters, fans, and followers, it has been a wonderful night so far, let us look at the last comment that seems so strong and direct with more focus on the issue at hand.

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