(GL) Not By Sight is a great Gospel and Inspirational music label that focuses on bringing the talents of young people out to the world, Faith Wyll who’s the big man behind this name is also as musician and a dancer.

NBS signed a Gospel HipHop Jazz Rapper – JSRAY, a Gospel Afro-POP Sensation and lead Vocalist at Agape Musica – Double G, signed the the label as of May 22, 2020 on a two years recording contract. In the pipeline to announce the official signing of two new artists, contemporary Christian singer, Maurice Tubman, and Alternative Singer – JoyAfro.

These are all great young artists that has great talents, if you haven’t heard of them or listen to any track from any of them, this is the time to do so, they are extraordinarily package with great talents and their voices are all you can ask for on your devices base on their genre.

In their latest news to the public, they send this publication out.

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