When we go to other countries their citizens come first, when we come to Liberia the citizens comes last. The statement made by the Liberia business association speaker at the NED
He spoke on empowering the Liberian people themselves so they can be able to control their economies. Before you bring a business into Liberia you have a partnership with a Liberian so when you are leaving the business can stay, or else this will continue to happen where Liberian won’t have money to take a new start, this happens because the owner of the business is done with it and once they are leaving they go without leaving the business back and this causes unemployment in the country. The loans are very short term loans. He further said, “if we can protect our people, this country will change.”

What we import should be less than what we export and we should have more empowerment from the youth sector, because they have a lot of ways to bring up more to the economy, strengthen the private sectors. There have to be a partnership with the micro and private businesses. We right now as Liberians, we don’t have the purchasing power, we have more retailers than buyers.

Right now, Liberians need to know and find the way to sell, because right now they don’t have the power as to another country to sell. We need to find targeted commodity if feed-able way to export to other nations, what can we actually do to export what we can do to export. Empowering the lower income farmer will help in getting economic a boast. Boasting the Tourism sector will also give out more to the economy. Whatever we do, We should know education is a big thing to boost up the economy in any society. We must emphasize on education, implementation is what we need to work on, there are lots more we are loosen when it comes to implementing in Liberia.

Revisiting our policy, banks closing down and companies going out of the country, we need to talk about them not going out, the part where we talked about the investment and the Encouraging investor. The lack of technology skills has lead to us getting too many foreigners in our county and this causes a breakdown in our economy. About 400.000 metro tones of rice we have to import every year for Liberians, the labor ministry speeding up to tell the public about job available for all.

Visiting the act of 2010 were foreigners should partnership with Liberians will be a big deal and help keeping the business here if it wants to close. Empowering youth is one of the main focus in the world. We need to look at tourism, commodity, education, implementation.