Liberians need to be careful with the roads, driving and paying attention to the signs that are on the road, cars need good lights and the electricity in Liberia is so bad that the roads are dark and most often so lonely with no safety measure.

Shinning Man and friends were involved in a motor accident last night from Celavi Night club, in the car were three ladies, and a man. L’Frankie bae, Fanta, Fanta was occupying the front seat right by the driver, Shinning Man, at the back was Shinning Man girlfriend, Sherine, and L’Frankie sister, Antoinette at 4:0 AM.

The car used by the stars were given to Shinning Man by the garage that he, Shinning Man has his car in for maintenance, the garage gives him a car that he can use till they are done with his ride but to their utmost surprise, they got hit from the back by another car on the traffic, bursting the back glass, causing other damages, It wasn’t that bad, but there was a bit of terror on the scene as they were all afraid and shaking from the accident, they are all complaining of body pains but there is no injury or wounds to show from the incident.

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Fanta Who’s in Liberia to get wedded to her superstar boyfriend seems to be very scared because since she came back to Liberia been involved with a lot of online drama and other scary news, she felt like someone is after her. The fear from the accident made Fanta say,

"Am Going to Change my Life, I saw my life flash before me 
in a twinkly of any eye."

They are all okay and doing fine, Fanta says, she’s presently trying to get herself a ride in Liberia. This is it. Life as a celebrity is how best your brand yourself and what you use for your own comfort. This lady is one of Liberia Female CEO for a blog that blog directly from Norway on Liberians Entertainment and she’s about to get wed. Shinning Man is also super in love alongside L’Frankie, this was like couples night out with the stars but it ended badly for them.

Expected Car For Fanta Konneh
Expected Car For Fanta Konneh