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Mother Planned Charm, In Order To Claim Daughter’s Properties


Many people have had issues in the diaspora with how they send money back home (Liberia) without it being used for the intended purpose(s), following news that was posted on our social media pages, via Facebook and Instagram on December 27, 2022 about a lady named Odell who reside in the United States, for the past few years, has entrusted her mother and other relatives with carrying out a project for her in Liberia, but to her utmost surprise what she sent down to carry on the project wasn’t reason enough to make her believe that her mom did her justice with such building she put down with the amount she paid. After we made that post we collected sources from her page, free weeks later she came to us with full details about how it has been going on.

She made us (Gossip Liberia) understand that she works 3-4 jobs just to have a house back home, so years from now she to the sweat she put down. Odell even gives us the address of where her house is being built, and the avenue is named after her. Odell made it clear to us that she has been charmed by her biological mother, grandmom, and uncle just because of her hard-earned money which was sent down to her mom to undertake a series of housing (apartments) projects.

With her record being kept through all transfers done by her, she calculated that she has transferred the sum of 35,000 USD to have the project started as she and her mom planned but when the money was received by her mother in Liberia, there was another different story altogether.


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