This is an open message from Delvin Oliver Cooper. Read Below:

Honestly, I am very disappointed in the adults who put together the video that is circulating with “Ma Mary and the kids” acting like fools. Whatever the purpose was intended for, (which I suppose was to be a comedy) I find it very disturbing.

Liberia is at a point of breaking! Our country is at a place where the unthinkable happens everyday. And surprisingly, it is becoming a norm within the society. For crying out loud, these kids are the future of our country. To see them sitting there with an adult and talking such rubbish is heartbreaking. Where is the Child Protection Service and the Ministry of Gender? I would really need their opinion on this matter.

I know someone would say, “it’s not that deep Del.” But I’d say, “it is certainly deeper then anyone can imagine.” Liberia is not a land of figureheads. Yes, according to international reports, we are on the list of impoverished countries and according to our governments, we have a bad economy etc etc. but that doesn’t limit us from changing that brand. My question is, are these kids not our future leaders? Are these not the ones who are suppose to make the difference and change that narrative of Liberia? If yes, what are we teaching them based on this video? What foundation are we building for them? How are we shaping their thoughts to think big and do big? What impact are we making in their lives that they can look back on tomorrow and say “I am who I am today because of the foundation that was laid down for me.”

Moreover, what image are we painting for ourselves internationally? Do you think the international community will respect us when we’re branding ourselves as the biggest dummies on earth? While, our neighbor Ghana is creating wealth and accumulating approximately 1.9 billion dollars from tourism, we are here acting like clowns. Keep clowning, cause I’m the end, the joke will be about us! The sooner we wake up, the faster we would get to see the distance in which we have been left behind from the world.

Is it a curse for Liberia to progress? Why can’t we come together to beat the odds of poverty? Why can’t we join hands and collectively minimize/eradicate illiteracy? Why can’t we stop all this political madness and cling on to our motto which says: “the love of Liberty brought us here.” Why can’t we hold and to the phrase that says “in Union strong, success is sure?” Why can’t we make Liberian that land of Liberty that we were once proud of and enjoyed?Yes, we can Liberians! All these and more are very doable. Join me and let’s create a new image for Liberia moving forward.


He who stands out

Here’s the video below:

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