Exciting moment hits the flag of Liberia for which brings joy to all those that took their time to support a young lady in pursuing her dreams.
Winning is not easy as competing, and so is learning is not as easy as results from what you learned.

Miss Princess Strother left Liberia for South Africa few days in attendance to Miss Teen Global and Tourism South Africa, coming to a successful end of the pageantry Miss Tourism Globe Africa 2021 is Princess Strother from Liberia and Teen Tourism Globe Africa 2021 is Ubuhle Ntuli from Limpopo South Africa. Such an exciting night it was, seeing a Liberian gurl rock the stage as she was called out to wear the sage that’s says Miss Tourism Global. She always won African Influencer Queen as an award, which goes to Liberia.

This news came with lots of appreciation from her to the entire crew that helped her in achieving her dreams and bringing proud to Mama Liberia as a country. Serving as a Queen in Bilikon Ent, Beauty of Africa international Liberia 2019, Liberia female DJ Transformer. Miss Strother is actually a talented woman with so much greatness.

Expressing her gratefulness to Hon Finds Bundo, her parents for giving birth to a strong black Liberian woman, Lyee Bility, Georgia Bemah who’s the Queen Mother as she called her, to her team, her best and favorite girl, Canile D D Williams, Dora Bender Cole who’s always there to answer her calls for help, Dorcas Tebeh Gboerreh-Boe

And she added:
All those who refused to help me
You made me strong and at the end of the day Liberia
🇱🇷 takes the glory 🙏.Tô all my supporters and friends we did it. Miss Tourism Globe Africa goes To Liberia 🇱🇷

Minister Hon Princess Turkolon
Thank you
Manager CEO Janet Bull
You are loved
❤️. National costume
Abraham Masco thank you brother

This is how a queen celebrates.