Miss Liberia is one of the country’s most successful programs, as it is well known to be a life-changing path for most female models who are Liberian decedents. The crown is to be turn over since 2017 Miss Liberia winner Miss Wokie Dolo won as Miss Liberia.

To unfold what we have above as the heading, we are strongly looking at a few names that we just can’t comprehend well from the Miss Liberia official social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. A question which was posted as to who’s gonna be the host for Miss Liberia 2021?

With several names being nominated on their social media pages. The biggest question here is, Who’s gonna be the host and co-host for the red carpet and for Miss Liberia this year.

Little details as to how the host and co-host will work. The host and the Co-host will covered the red carpet and other events like behind the stage interviews, they gonna be there to make sure special selection for best dress couples and best dress individual, excited to see this, because those selected will be winning prizes, not to forget the host and co-host for red carpet will help out the mean host of the entire show, this gonna be so exciting.

The theme for this year Miss Liberia is Celebrating Liberia it’s culture and tourism. Eligibility to win prizes on the red carpet stands out to show that your dress code must reflect Liberian and Africa culture at it best, that’s just a tip that might give you some goodies or prizes at the Miss Liberia.

The up coming Miss Liberia is going to be historical and the Host Co-Host means a lot to the show, so who’s gonna be the host and Co Host? The biggest question right now. Follow Miss Liberia Social Media pages to know.