The recent news that is spreading on those that were sanctioned by the United States has turned a lot more interesting since there have been rumors that McGill had a bank account in Ghana that was blocked, but the news seems to be a lie because McGill denied that he has no such account out of Liberia.

With this said, it has just been presumption which is also in form of politics to put more guilt on the current government which is already liable for a high level of corruption by most of its officials. To follow this, Henry Costa has been on the back of everyone involved in the sanctions list, every hour he makes a post as a reminder to alert the Liberian people about what is coming next and even asked that they keep his post as a reference to what won’t be denied.

This hasn’t been a satisfactory thing to see by one of the ministers from MICAT in the person of Min Fofana who’s always having a back-to-back reply post with Costa due to his continuous posts on social media about the government.

NOTE: You all know very well this platform don’t go into politics that deep, unless it is social media political drama. This is Min. Fofana post in reply to Costa.

As it has turned up to the fans, viewers and supporters from both ends, all eyes and ears are waiting to see what come next and who’s gonna be the laughing puppet around here in a very early possible time.

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