After a real blackout between Michelle and her husband Sheikh, it seems like someone is on some single level again. Michelle is exploring what she actually signed up for as an entertainer, from her recent engagements online, you can tell, nobody is telling her how to do what she loves doing as a person. She’s now making movies, taking some model pictures and to our out most surprise she happens to watch Young Famous and African but think that DJ Naked girlfriend Kayleigh Schwark is only with him for the fame and the lifestyle, it was shocking for her to think so, but how far can we think, did she really complete the season, or she was talking from some experience? Michelle haven’t told us, if she’s single or not, but we are still observing this matter.

Seeing a young woman pursuing her dream with such ego and enthusiasm is a courageous thing, falling out of so many dramas to get this far is a lifestyle she designed for herself. Now we can add up to her as a promoter, an actor(actress) and might conclude a star/celebrity for which she is, but we are still waiting on what’s going on with Michelle and SIK.

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