Love is a beautiful thing, beauty is a wonderful thing, women are a gifts to the world to beautify it with emotional thoughts, and sex is that intimacy that brings one closer or sends someone further base on how it started and how it ended.

The rumors of being gay, lesbian, or straight have covered the minds of many Liberians towards each other once you are popular or seen acting differently, and it is not always speculated with 0% fact but most time it comes to the reality that it is what it is.

Social Media these days has been with lots of fun, drama, and suspense from the Liberian entertainment world. Let’s dive straight to the topic, why did MC Caro ask Anitram about her relationship status?

Funny how it was when a comment was made under Anitram’s post from MC Caro asking if she’s (Anitram) was single, but the reply shocked her, Anitram said she was taken, and again it went wide under the comment session when a fan replied to MC Caro about her lifestyle of being a lesbian.

Anitram’s boyfriend is not in hidden but we don’t know why MC Caro can’t see him through, once upon a time she (MC Caro) challenged an upcoming male artist to a battle online, if she’s smart enough, that’s Anitram’s guy, and it is like MC Caro don’t want to leave the family alone. If you want to find out who’s Anitram boyfriend is, check our website for that and search MC Caro in the search engine you will find that guy of Anitram.

Anyways, Anitram’s beauty can set anyone’s heart on the blaze, she’s so beautiful and reserved that her beauty keeps glowing, and if you check her friend list you will notice she has some of the most beautiful friends in the country, it is like, she doesn’t like ugly peoples so, her reply seems to call Baby as Bayybayy… that’s how you called ugly baby or babies and babes🙈.. maybe she was just trying to sound different in her reply to MC Caro which is not too kind.

Will Anitram Boyfriend come at MC Caro that is not trying to leave his family alone since he didn’t get on a back-to-back track with MC Caro it is like she’s trying to get at him by all means, since she’s called King Caro, if you know, you know.

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