From Australia to USA DJ Weezy is on the gear to make it happen, even if nobody sees that leaving Liberia is important as a DJ that has HipCo on his back as a tattoo. After getting his new whip with a license plate on it as Woomii 1, DJ Weezy is proven to make the best out of his new relationship after the heart break he got from his ex in Australia, someone he made a center point of his entire life, even helped branded her as the Most Talked About.

In a recent post he wrote a welcome note to his United States babe that changed her name to QueenWeezy. At the comment section, but this seems so funny to MC Caro that she wrote a provoking comment under his post about the man hustle for his green card. This was so hilarious to read.

Below is MC Caro comment that stirred up the entire post.