Another one again from the camp of CDC. Mayor Koijee said he will resign if Witherspoon prove that he can travel throughout the United States base on the crime that is upon his head. In a quote he said,

It is reported that Witherspoon faces nine counts or wire fraud in nursing fraud scandal, accused of selling 7,600 fake nursing transcripts and diplomas within the United States.

Without holding back his words, Mayor Koijee slice through the media without holding go back to let Witherspoon know know he see him as an international criminal whose actions have harmed millions by putting them down by the neck of being liable unprofessional and incompetent by the degree they have received instead of achieving.

Adding to the many things the mayor said, he added that Witherspoon’s criminal behavior has compromised the reputation of the Spoon Group of Companies and that he lacks the moral compass to question the government’s integrity.

The battle with Witherspoon and Mayor Koijee keep intensifying as 2023 gets to an interesting political showdown.