The Monrovia City Cooperation has put into mechanism to have the center street graveyard, and it’s surrounding clean for better health and sanitation.

Over the past years, there have been many try to clean this place and have it looking good for passer-by and residents near the biggest graveyard in Monrovia, but it was never a success. Under the administration of Mayor Jefferson Koijee it has been one of the hardest thing to tackle because of the graves and those who are in the constant habit of dumping dirt on the Main Street.

As it was once said by one of the United States Delegates over the pastime, Liberia capital city is the dirtiest city he has ever gone to, later his statement was reversed by him in which he later said it was misunderstood from interpretation, all of that came about when he passed through Center Street and saw huge lumps of dirt and people who were as well playing in the dirt looking for trash that were useful to them. Today, the city mayor hosted a press conference to enlighten the public about the cleaning up exercises that are going on to keep the city clean and safe for health purposes.

Mayor Koijee further said; There’s a new project they are bringing to the people, it’s called the ‘Piloting Project’ which will work for the next 90 days and if it is workable within that time, than it will become sustainable to be use throughout other places in Montserrado county and it’s surroundings, whereas, there will be a truck at the center street Palm Groves Cemetery to drop dirt/garbage at every day, for which the city cooperation will teach and employ 120 youths that will administer this process. As it was illustrated by the mayor, trash should be placed in garbage bags to deposit in the truck that will be the station for carrying the dirt. This truck will come every morning by 6:0am to collect dirt and by 6:PM everyday it will be leaving to waste drop what it has collected. Mayor Koijee also said that everyone or anyone that has dirt they should keep it for the next morning to enable a safe and clean environ, by you keeping your dirt at home in order to drop it at the waste truck in the early morning of 6:0am when the truck returns.

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He further stress on how revenue will be generated, where he talked about the eWillie process to enable Liberians to pay through this application, and this is a program that will be giving to the management of Tama Incorporation under the leadership of Mr. Kamara.

Today we witness how the new system of garbage will be collected for a better health and clean city.
Watch the video below and see how things are going.