It’s welcoming to see talents takes a new level as the industry grows more attractive for those that want to bring out the best in themselves.

One of Liberia‚Äôs versatile entertainer who’s full with so much energy for entertainment is set to make one of the biggest marks in the music history within Liberia Music Industry, Jackie Russ been having quiet studio times, producing work after work, working for other artists like Christoph The Change(His brother), Wisdom( formerly known as Wizdem), one of the pusher of Barsee Mocopala Kiloda career (the only artist that his album his with every song on it) to make sure they are doing what their heart leads them to do, while in the studio for the sake of others, behind the cameras to bring good musical videos for young and talented artists.

Jackie been taking his time to do what he was first known for, that’s music. His consistentcy has been so remarkable serving as MEMG producer, a former producer at Sound City Studio and a former producer and sound engineer at Fabric Studio 57.

Jackie Russ has built his expectations for the forthcoming of his album called Magic SZN. Making several posts about this album draws the attention of many to want a piece of it. Right now is the most anticipated album of the year 2020 that everyone is waiting to grab from every platform it’s going to be on, Jackie is set to give out the link for downloads.

Magic SZN Album is going to be on all international downloads music platforms, which will have a price attach too it.

You are expected to get 22 songs from this album. Congratulations to Jackie Russ on his hard work, album is due to drop on June 20, 2020.