Started as Liberia Young Achievers Awards, later was denied to host any awards with such name, it was later changed to Liberty Young Achiever Awards -LYA.

It has been almost 4 years since this award program started in Liberia and every year is comes with a new style but ends with total confusion and dissatisfaction which are almost every time caused by the organizers. 2021 awards nominations and voting where done online, where nominees are to carry 60% and the LYA board committee carry 40% based on background check. This sounded fair and transparent from the words written down, but it went side ways to see that almost everyone that were nominated were qualified to go for the award nights which gives a clear understanding that almost everyone that were nominated were eligible to be a winner.

Things went side ways from the award show last night after those that were topping in their category with a big margin were not successful to win an award only because the 40% percent background check done by LYA board committee was the only valid decisions made to give an award. This caused a day break commotion leading to young achievers who with all check and record kept from the voting process which takes 60% and even in background check could have been the winner, never won and those that had no voting topping the 60% online voting won. This was a big blow to many.

All story short, Benita Urey and J-Mark Markai had a lot of disappointment in the organizers and expressed their feelings by letting them know the award is a fraud. Benita returned her award because she saw it necessary that she wasn’t qualified to win such an award with the votes and even with the background check, there have been people before her that have done more than her even if they where looking at background check.

LYA is loosing their integrity as other awards organizations did and has long gone been out of the lives of Liberians.

With all this said, Fred O Fred who’s the Founding director of LYA and Big Brabee responded to Benita Urey. Which this said, what do you think LYA stand to gain from such a slap back at them for someone who have seen the need to return an award to keep her organization name out of a place that she said is fraudulent to the young people of Liberia.