This Time Around, Mr. Azango Is Questioning The Legality Of The Special Convention Held In Gbarnga Bong County.

The Former Vice Chair for recruitment and Membership of the Liberty Party Mr. Emmanuel Azango and Chairman Bility will appear today Monday September 6, 2021 at the National Elections Commission Headquarter on 9th street.

The Liberty Party Chairman was summoned predicated upon a communication from the former Vice Chair of the Party Mr. Emmanuel Azango to the Electoral Body after the Party’s special convention in Gbarnga Bong County that brought Mr. Bility as Chairman of the Party.

Mr. Azango has earlier complained to the NEC after the Gbarnga Convention that, the Convention committee presided over an illegal process that brought Chairman Bility and other to the Leadership of the Party.

Mr. Azango terms the Gbarnga Convention as being Illegal Convention, he argued that, the process entirely was not in accordance with LP Law, the LP stalwart is also craving the indulgence of the Electoral Body not to honor the decision that came out of the Gbarnga Special convention.

The former Vice Chair for Membership and recruitment contested for the position of” Vice Chair for public affairs” but lost the election to Mr. Denial O. Sando.

Source: Cable TV