In the wake of an electricity brawl that ensued between some residents of the Vai Yard Community and authorities of the Giniya Memorization Center, an Islamic Boarding school, the Liberia National Police has assured authorities of the school of its efforts to ensure maximum security protection for all of its staff and students.

Yesterday, Saturday, October 5, 2019, about 9 PM, authorities of the Koranic Boarding School alarmed of power theft at its premises being allegedly carried out by some residents of the Vai Yard Community which is posing serious inconveniences for them. According to them, when the power theft actors were confronted about their actions, they made terroristic threats against them instead of apologizing for their actions.

The situation led to serious tension in the community today, Sunday, October 6, 2019 which prompted immediate interventions by the Liberia National Police through its Deputy Inspector General for Operations, Hon. Marvin Sackor.

Eight persons were picked up for questioning and are currently undergoing investigation in connection to allegations of power theft at the premises of the Islamic Boarding School.

Hon. Sackor also held a successful meeting with authorities of the Giniya Memorization Center and residents of the community in the presence of the leadership of the community.

He used the occasion to urge community residents to live together and desist from engaging themselves into acts of religious intolerance and power theft. He recounted the country’s terrible experience as a result of religious intolerance and added that Liberia and Liberians are not prepared to resort to those dark days.

He assured the residents and authorities of the Islamic Boarding school that all those connected to power theft in the community will be made to face the full weight of the law.

Hon. Sackor also expressed the passionate concern of IG Sudue to ensure that residents of the Vai Yard Community live in peace with each other. He indicated that it is the will of IG Sudue for all Liberians to tolerate each other and work towards consolidating the peace of the country.

The LNP Deputy IG for Operations pledged the LNP’s fullest support for the setting up of a Community Watch Team in the area to ensure more protection for residents of the community.

Our community Services team is also conducting more community Policing in the community to ensure that residents continue to live with each other in peace and harmony.

Source: Liberia National Police