(GL) – Liberia being on the West Coast of Africa has never been a mistake. The land is full of natural resources. Walking on the banks of the land in Liberia, where the water lies with a blue line across the Atlantic ocean, there are coconut trees, green grass, and always a place to relax in every county. Visiting Cape Mount county You find out we have the best wave for surfing, in Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Maryland and Sinoe County people enjoy more of just relaxing on the beaches, lying in the hot sand, they see the true beauty of Liberian women as they wear their bikinis.

Our women have been listed as one of the most beautiful women in West Africa, their body size, shapes, and natural curves, they are black and dark in complexion, and mostly you find chocolate brown skin ladies in Liberia more than any West African Nations.

Let us look at ladies that make another female want to wear a bikini and be sexy, they just don’t want to wear a bikini and be sexy but they also want to know how these ladies became sexier even in real life.

Berenice Mulubah in Bikini

Berenice Mulubah who’s famously known for her controversial style of blogging when she’s was blogging on CLiberia Clearly, she’s known as the first female blogger and most controversial female in the entertainment industry in Liberia at her time of blogging. She’s an ex-soldier in the USA army and a mother of two. Berenice train hard to make sure she keep the shape and beauty sparkling. Her style and love for bikini have kept her trending and this has also been a motivation to older women in her age that felt being sexy was never a good thing, she has turned that around and she’s now looked at as the sexiest female blogger with the nicest body of a grown lady. Find her on Instagram for more @berenice_mulubah_

Dorris Irena King in Bikini

Dorris Irena King is a makeup artist. Her passion for making people look good started a long time when she was a kid. Irene is well known for changing the scene of makeup. Finding her more attractive in real life as in pictures, she has been in numerous Liberian harmonious videos with the prime artists. Her perfect body size, her beautiful smiles, and height have been a motivation to any young lady that has admired her look want to have curves like her. She’s noted for wearing a bikini and not just any kind, the ones that bring out the elegance of a brown skin girl, she matches with style and designs. Irena highly supports Liberia corporations and entrepreneurs in their businesses. Se’s not just a makeup artist, but she’s an actress. Find her on Instagram and know more about her. @dorris_irena_king

Diamond in Bikini

Dearest is a perfect lady to call ebony when you look at her. She’s so dark and pure, pretty, and has that true Liberian smile that can actually make you want to have a model as your wife. She’s a beautiful black Liberian bikini model and video vixen who is also an influencer, and currently lives in Abuja, Nigeria. That’s just to get a clue of her. Her love for bikinis is so high that all you normally see her in are bikinis and to be honest, she actually wears the brand that sells. Getting her to so an advertisement for your bikini company, you truly gonna make real cash. Check her up on Instagram @deja__23

Keke Kadiatu Rogers in Bikini

Keke Kadiatu Rogers is a beauty influencer and a Content Creator. Keke has been popping out lately as one of the most beautiful content creators and a true beaut influencer, she has been changing the look of many Liberian ladies with her makeup style and changing their appearance through her perfect hands of a true beautician. Keke is not just a one-sided woman, she loves fun and loves to have some leisure time with friends, family, and most importantly with her clients. Her love for certain things is just clear to see, she’s more attracted to beachwear, her body size gives you a true definition of what a lady needs to wear on a pool and beach day and it’s a beautiful bikini. She’s not just beautiful but she’s sexy and love to look real good. She recently took over social media blogs with her sexy style of bikinis. Check her on Instagram for more on her @keke_native

Minaj in Bikini

Minaj is one of Liberia females that got in the spotlight at an early age, she was once a contestant of FOP, she’s someone that give out happy moments to all she comes across. Minaj is sexy, she has very good humor of a lady, open-minded to take onto every opportunity she has at hand. Minaj has been one of the most supportive females behind Liberia entertainment growth as she takes to her personal page to promote Liberian music through videos made by her. She’s known to have a very good body size and attractive look. Her love for sexiness is shown in any clothes she wears but mostly in bikinis. Minaj love colors that can bring out her perfect shapes also encourage others with such a body that they can look beautiful in anything they wear and it’s their look that makes what they wear to look good on them. Knowing her and following her style of dressing you might just want to have more of her styles in your closets. Follow her on Instagram @sugarminajwisner

These are ladies that have the boldness to wear what they wish to wear and it has drawn more attention to their brand and as well makes other females feel comfortable doing the same. Follow them today and start your brand with the courage they give you to be beautiful.

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