Pretty Zee in her classic Men Dress Code for The Stage

Ladies are not left out of any show in the society any more, they now play soccer, basketball, they dance, normally they do all that men does, especially when it comes to entertainment.

Through observations and coming to a conclusion, Liberian females are talented and are not appreciated for their God-given talents. Let us look at a young Liberian lady that set to make the differences in her careereven if nobody support her burning desires.

Pretty Zee is a female artists, first time ever getting on a big track was when she was feature on the female cypher that was organized by Queen V. She was the youngest of all the ladies. Her bars were so strong and could not be compared to her age at that time, she came in fearless and strong. Pretty Zee was actually not into much like that, she was just a soccer player, she said she use to love the game till a day without playing soccer she will fall sick. She got attracted to the music game after several attempt to rap on her own, friends and family heard her and encouraged her to make a stand to do more foe the world to see. In 2018 she came in the game as an artist, she said lot more,

I first started playing football, n think it’s was going to make my life batter but because of the country I found myself in n playing football without getting anything is a waste of time and efforts, at that moment my team was no help to me I was the help to them, so probably I didn’t know where the talent of music came from and boom I started doing music and got Lil successful in it by getting one or two things, like connections and so on. It changes my life greatly.

After her soccer life she turned to become a musician, in 2018 after she visited the studio, she said;

I got motivated to be a Musician when I first got myself into the studio, in 2018 with killerbeatz and when he did my first song BUT THAT CASE THERE, when I drop it everybody was like I am good at this, so it motivated me more to be a musician.”

Her story isn’t just one you can stay away from without trying to admire or like her and also want more of what she’s doing or get the actual messages in her songs. Growing up as a female with so many disadvantages in west Africa is a big challenge to more female, first she wanted to be a soccer star but due to the country’s lacking the financial support certain things is not working, she turned down her burning desire to try another one.

She’s an individual that is very appreciative and supportive in all she’s does, Pretty Zee hasn’t been opportune like other female artists to have a full sponsorship throughout her career as a musician. A young female rapper she is but a very attractive one that can’t be let down when it comes to appearance and once you have an encounter with her she’s welcoming with warm smiles, she further told us more about herself as a kid being on the first female cypher made her feel proud of herself;

Pretty Zee on the first Female Cypher

I feel so proud about myself, even up till now I stay feel motivated by being around them (Female Cypher Artists) again, I know by God’s Grace, my hard work that is coming back with gonna make me feel more inspired. Cuz as a young kid I am, being on the first female cypher ever in Liberia make me more inspired and motivated.”

Her level of courage for Liberian music has grown over the past years, not only because she loves to sing or rap, but because she saw a lot in many other female artists that are striving to make a great impact through music. We asked her about her hope for Liberian music and the entertainment industry, She replied;

My hopes for the Liberian musical industry is to Bring more win and proud to our entertainment industry, and to make the world know that we Liberians are ready to put Liberian music industry to the Top, by God’s will if the money comes soon I promise to invest more in people that have talents Like me.”

She left us with a closing message to other female and young Liberians like her;

Pretty Zee with other celebrities

All I have to say to other young females Artist out there is to keep pushing and Believe in yourself. Success never come easily and all you need to do is to keep fighting to be what you wanna be in Life.

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