It was exciting to see glamorous ladies and gents in the best of their best fashion wear, lights and cameras snapping from all angles. It was one of the most successful events of all time in the history of awards ceremonies in 2020 under the theme Next Level.

This year MLMA is under the theme Music for the culture. This explains a lot more as to how the entire program gonna be, how we expect to see lot more dress codes and best cultural designs gracing the red carpet as Alpha Oumar Bah will be the host of this year’s red carpet for the second time, Cypha D’ King is always in this show for his great level of stage control and mic ability, for he knows much about the entire entertainment industry.

Sharing the stage with a first time lady in the show who’s once a winner of Miss Liberia in the United States 2013, Miss Liberia United Nation 2016, and Miss Liberia United Nation Earth 2016; Miss Mollyn Giselle Jarbo. This year is going to be more exciting than the last one. Come and see how the world looks at us, Liberians after this, as we showcase our culture more this time.

Participating artists are to grace this award ceremony will be first on this list the winner of MTN Y’ello star winner Miss Candace Cooper, Kilas, Milton Klechee, Bennie King BS2, Jzyno, Natif, Soul Fresh, Eric Geso, Teddy Ride, Brown Skin, and not forgetting last year MLMA choice award winner Kobazzie the lorma boy.

It going to be one of the most exciting moments in the history of entertainment, come and see what you haven’t seen before, it’s not imaginary but gonna be right before your eyes, the artwork and craft of the new red carpet gonna blow your mind away.

As we all wait to see this day that happens to be November Saturday, November 20, 2021, at the Ministerial Complex, starting 5 PM, let us not forget to see a few images for the last events and the list of a few winners.

Get your ticket(s) now because you don’t want to be asked to stay outside when there’s no space, which means when the tickets are all sold out based on this amount of seats in the hall, you won’t be allowed in. Get your ticket now!