By: Ballah Kollie, Environmental Activist

Let protect wildlife’s in Liberia; it contributes to sustainable development.

It is clear that humans and wildlife are inseparably dependent on each other ultimately, if one suffers, the other will suffer too.

We reap multiple socio-economic benefits from wildlife in the form of food supply, pollinators, pest control, medicinal use and genetic resources. Wildlife is the mainstays of tourism in many countries which bring economic benefits. In addition to this, as humans, we must also respect the intrinsic value of other species and remember our responsibility to protect them.

The cases of wildlife poaching are rampant in Liberia, largely driven by the demand for wildlife as bush meat. We all have a responsibility to support the conservation of wildlife because it contribute to sustainable development.

Putting an end to the illegal trade and hunting of wildlife requires the commitment of everyone from government to the private sectors.

But it critically requires educating and motivating ordinary citizens, who as consumers are responsible for driving the demand for wildlife and wildlife parts, to make choices that do not harm endangered species.

While we need to address illegal poaching directly, we must also take measures to end the demand for illegally traded wildlife and wildlife products. Without a large and growing demand, there would not be a large and growing supply.

Helping to raise awareness and mobilize public action should be our priority in Liberia.


CREDIT:By: Ballah Kollie, Environmental Activist