Lavien is Liberian an Afro-pop, Afro-soul & Trapfro Christian Artist whose full name is George Amuchin Lavien. Born on June 18, 2002, to George K Lavien, Father and Gladys Lavien, mother in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria.
Lavien has been singing since he was 9yrs old, and has been performing live at concerts since then. He was a runner up in a singing competition called “Voice of District 10”.

Lavien kicking it on the beach

Growing up, Lavien has been influenced by American and African artists such as Lincoln Brewster, Jmoss, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Travis Greene, Wizkid, Davido and so on. Hence he as adapted the genre Afro-pop/soul because though he finds himself caught up in the western culture, he wants the world to know where he’s from. And that’s Africa.

Lavien is yet to release a studio album but has been working on a couple of songs with titles or release dates or any info about upcoming projects yet to be announced.

Lavien is currently under contract with NotBySight Muzik for Production, Branding, Marketing, and Promotional Management. His father is his manager.

He’s waving the sound of music to the wind

Lavien has insisted that he wants to be recognized as a Christian artist with his exact words being

I’ve realized that I want to be seen as a Christian artist not just because of how my parents raised me, but because that’s actually what I want to do and what I’ve been planning all my life. You see, every time I’ve thought about just doing “Good music” I try to ask myself the question I know I will get asked over and over, and that is “what is the source of my music?”
“Making the differences is what I am here for”
and I realize that answering that question wouldn’t
give God the full glory and that’s not what I want. Because
I personally know within myself that if I just doing Clean music without any deep reason to back that up, just add me to the list of just another artist. And that’s not why God gave me this gift. That’s really not the way I grew up and the kind of environment I’m used to…
Even though I understand that I’m not perfect and being a
Christian artist is a difficult decision, but with the help of
God, I’m going to give it my best. But at the same time, I am
not going to let anybody define to me what a Christian artist
is as it relates to what I wear, what I do with my hair, what
type of melody I use in my music or what type of songs I write
as I am fully aware of the lines that I can not cross as a Christian.”


Watch out for him, he has a lot of audio to drop and is certain to make the world a better place with his controversial style of music.