After the announcement of the winner of DJ of the year, Spesh D’ DJ and his team were happily welcomed on the net as the celebration went with his fans and well wishers.

Base on the information gather from eyes witness, other DJ’s where furious about the announcement or the winner for which the felt it would have been someone else. Actually it was someone else and that was Spesh D’ DJ.

Funny as it seems, DJ Nelly congratulate Spesh D’ DJ with a laughing tab on Facebook, how is that even possible to do such? He was using some mockery congratulations post to wish his fellow DJ well, but as it was seen, it wasn’t a good congratulations.

DJ Weezy and other artist and DJ requested that Spesh D’ DJ carry the award back because it wasn’t what me merit. Not long after that post was made, Spesh D’ DJ left the noise in the market and made a post to celebrate his achievement.

After making a press release there were several comments under DJ Weezy post as to the dissatisfaction to what he was saying and most of his followers said they don’t see it necessary for any live battle. Here’s a piece of the press release follow by few comments.

With the percentage rate as to who’s to win from the voting poll and the venting committee, and the fans, do you think it was the right decision made?

Board 60% – Online Voting – 20% – Sim Voting 20%

With this said the fate of this award is left with joe your fans voting online and through sim voting and texting your number to the voting number, even though the board has 60% of the decisions to make, but the efforts of your fans with influence them through that final verdict.

To draw the curtains, it is proven that Spesh D’DJ won because his fans voted online getting the 20% and through Sim Vote, topping all those in getting the highest vote.

Here’s the online voting pool results.