The vulnerable people in Liberia are many. Someone will ask the question, why? Many people think because of the poverty increase within Liberia makes them vulnerable to do whatsoever pleases them just to survive. Truth be told we have a poverty rate that was expected to be projected to increase in 2011 to 52 percent, till now in 2023 we are still relying on that estimate which we know it isn’t as it were then, but that still doesn’t give anyone the right to push themselves down low just to get the opportunity that is not reliable, consistent and doing illegal things like prospecting. There we go.

It is been rumors that there are several group chats (WhatsApp) that has been created where men from the diaspora are placed within it and have fun there with ladies from Liberia. This group chat has numerous of nude videos and pictures of ladies that personally post it there in favor of help and other means of surviving from men in the diaspora’s. It has come to the knowledge that many of the guys that do come down to Liberia in December or some in February and March do come not with the intent of meeting these girls from such chat and have them in pairs, two or three at a time. It has become a normal thing in our society that even student sits and talk about it like it’s nothing bad but a new way of life.

An hour ago (May 16, 2023) on social media (Facebook) a lady by the name of Morrislyn Maybel Clinton disheartened information the general public about her experience in such group chat (WhatsApp) which lead her to uncover what is going on on in Liberia and how it is affecting many young ladies, married women and so on, not just her, many of the girls in there see it as a means of opportunity, she sees it as an awful thing to do.

She rued joining the group chat because she saw that her friend added five other girls to the group and she was wondering why it is so intriguing to be in such a group. Her friend told her that men from America (USA) and big men (Business men and other renowned bigger names) in Liberia are in the group and are aiding ladies with money for rent, and businesses and also giving out scholarships to them to enroll in the United Methodist University. This was a big blow again to see the name of the United Methodist University name being put into such an unpleasant act, but this time it was not students being involved but a mentioning unconfirmed a raise to specific genders who are in such acts that has the authority to give scholarships to this particular institution.

Below is the screenshot of her post made via social media (Facebook)