Election is around the corner and everything seems to be going wa-way(in different directions) due to the interest these politicians have in their citizens. It was said recently that the University of Liberia teachers said there will be no graduation ceremony if they are not paid in full their salaries that are being owe by the institution.

After making such noise to the media here comes another one that has involved the graduating class of 2022-2023 from the University of Liberia -UL that grab the attention of Mayor Jefferson Koijee who’s the present mayor of the most industrial city and the capital city of Liberia, Monrovia. He made it clear that the act of requiring students to pay graduation fees at the state-run university, the University of Liberia contradicts President George M. Weah’s initiative of providing free tuition at the state-run university.

Mayor Jefferson Koijee, who’s the Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), expressed dissatisfaction about such issues which he continues to talk about, that the government would allow such a practice to oppress the already struggling people of Liberia. He address the issue and stated that CDC has submitted a formal communication to the President and the Ministry of Education, urging them to reconsider and eliminate any fees associated with graduation at the University of Liberia. Koijee denounced the administration’s decision to charge graduates $375 towards their graduation as unacceptable.

After this was said by the mayor, some citizens came out crying out loud saying that such an amount is too much and it should be reduced to $80.00 and not more. The battle continues on the other hand, some are asking the mayor to stop the bluffing talk, asking him why he didn’t talk before such amount that were posted to the graduates.

The political season is on and everyone wants to be in full control of things to have the table turning to them in one way or the other.
If he’s just talking and graduation is ongoing, what do we expect to see when others have already paid, will they be re-founded like how the United Methodist University 2021-2022 graduates are still waiting to get their money back from their school? Liberians and their wahala (Trouble).