There have been several gossips on the internet as to how is it possible not seeing Karishma attending classes or seeing on campus often but she’s a graduate, a new graduate of the AME University, where she obtain a BBA degree in management on November 23, 2021. In the latter of attestation stated that she registered as a transfer student in 2014 and was admitted into the management department of said college. Completing 8 semesters, seventy -nine credit hours of course work, with the accumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.240.

Graduating as a Cum Laude student with the honor of 3.25-3.49.

The question is, why people don’t take things serious with this lady as it being legit? There have been too much to see from lot of people speculating that she wasn’t going to graduate at first when she put up her final clearance, till the graduation day, many didn’t believe she was graduating. With this post made by her buddy, do you think it is settled that all is well and proven that she actually attended classes from and graduated with a grade she scored from the letter of attestation?

Remember AMEU stands to hold their integrity high.

Let’s look at what AMEU have on a piece of paper

A lot of facts are coming up from students of the institution, in respect to where they too graduated from, with misinformation this might lead to the institution being liable in doing the opposite of right academic policy.