In Liberia, this has become a tradition that we bounce out of our homes to get entertain with some good sounds, music, and litte of fun every Thursday, which is called Karaoke Night, mostly starting by 9/10 pm.

In Liberia, Hazem, known as Double H been running one of the most successful Karaoke nights in the country for years, alongside with his Hott FM team and other great people which serve as contributors to this program, even though other areas like Pepper Fish and few other bars and social gathering drink spots host such of a kind, but the name Karaoke was announced around the city with a name attached to it and a perfect location, Double H and Anglers Bar.

Yesterday Hazem drops his flyer for his Karaoke Night, changing the location, before that, he drops another one a week or two before this, In return of his return to Liberia, sitting right in Anglers, but things changed, Karishma who’s the boss of Her Royal Highness Ent, is also taking over the whole Karaoke Night at Anglers, a surprise.

This is still like a challenge, I wrote months ago about these two not going to be in good relationship because of the Same thing they are involved into, they where cool but since the Davido Concert hosted last year in Liberia, they went back to back on each other, wherever Hazem goes, Karishma goes, what he did, she’s doing, and how he organized she’s organizing as well, his friends have now become her family, things are going sideways with the both of them.

Let us look at their various posts.

That was her post, and here is a question from a fan.

Great one, clean respond and better question. A fan of Double H is asking, will he answer to this fan or not?

Hazem drops his post as well but before Karishma drops hers, that means she’s was waiting for Double H to give the green light?

He made this bigger and clearer for the fans to see, New Light, New Camera, New Action, New Challenge, New Atmosphere, New Location. This means all he has are all new things and ideas and it’s going on Television as well.

This is a battle, it is also a challenge too.

Let us wait and see what goes on from both ends this Thursday.

But carefully look at the partners and sponsors of these programs and observer, whose ambassador for Anglers, in a short possible time, be observant as to how things were going before and now.