On the route home lot of things happens, as the rate of COVID-19 intensify in the country, everyone is trying to make ends meet while others are there taking it out of the poor and struggling people by force. This is a post made by a young man called Amarah Konneh on Facebook, he wrote:

“At the Pot River located Monrovia Bomi Highway. Joined Securities there using means to enriched themselves by asking Drivers to paid the following: $1500 and 2500 LD, depends the type of vehicle used for traveling.

Mainwhile, fellow compatriots on board are also are being asked to pay $300 to $500 depends on what you are traveling with into the nearby destination.

I feel this is actually criminal and inappropriate, all those things characterized our country, there’s a need government takes full and effective immediate control of it. I think securities in liberia should be reliable now, but honestly, this is actually lewd, and traitorous, I’m so disenchanted!”

This is not a strange thing, the Liberia National Police and other join security in Liberia are always in such acts in collecting money from citizens that won’t be taking to the right place of report because these things are not put into papers.

More news coming.