It is a tale to read, a life to witness and a heartfelt story to read about this wonderful and young DJ that took it all, but he never gives up on what he believes in.

Spesh started his career after successfully completing his secondary school, pushing his way to a higher level of education, where he got admission into United Methodist University (UMU). Getting to stay in school was a hard thing for him, not that he wasn’t or isn’t serious in obtaining his first degree at the university, the case was, he was lacking financial supports and other issues that he had no control over as a young man that the society keep streaking down one way or the other, break up in relationships and family issues, and lots of struggling times that bounce before him like an unstable ball that has no perfect shape.

Spesh D DJ on the Mix as he takes in his breakfast – The Man is Living Large on the Apple

Spesh was working with Bilikon ENT from 2014 doing his thing with the team, working on-air at Truth FM, working as a DJ, had his own show going on at night, putting together his love for music, Spesh worked with other local stations as well, trying to motivate himself to be what he wants to become. Later he decided to drop off from the radio DJing and turned to the party and club DJ.

At the MLMA Awards Night, Winning Best DJ of the Year 2019.

After his successful interview with Gossip Liberia, years back, Spesh had his life all set up to move on doing what best makes him happy. From party to party, club to club, occasions after another; finally his silence spoke out to be recognized by bigger brands in the country, MTN, Double H Ent, and other big names. This DJ never turned down any offer cos he wasn’t doing it for the money at first. Spesh love for what he was doing was for him to grow and become the best of all DJs in Liberia and soon to take over as West Africa best, and not stopping.

Spesh is now the people’s DJ. He’s at every big show, day and night and his work speaks for itself. There are other DJs around the country, like the legend of all DJs, DJ Nelly who has won the highest DJing awards in the history of DJing from Liberia, and also represent Liberia on a top nomination for DJs from Liberia as well, he has also played out of Liberia in for his people.

Spesh gives up his love and appreciation to those that were there before him and he’s very loyal, He doesn’t joke with his payment, reasons why he said,

I know where I am coming from, and I have responsibilities to take care of, that’s why I don’t sleep, so you can get the pleasure you desire. I love my pay.” – Spesh D DJ

There is a lot more to see about Spesh. He’s ready to be your DJ.