We have begun a long and difficult journey of trying to transform our country. As noted, the process of doing so will be long and difficult, but I am determined to help see it through.

The situation in Nimba yesterday was truly disheartening. We, as the CPP, cannot claim to be different and act the same. Violence is never the solution and will not be the solution in the CPP. We cannot conduct ourselves in such a manner and expect to win the confidence of the Liberian people. We must do things differently, and as I consistently say and quote, “we can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.” What happened in Nimba reflects exactly that – doing the same old things the same old ways and expecting different results.

As Political Leader of the ANC and current Chair of the CPP, it is unacceptable to have had an executive of the ANC or any constituent party badly injured as a result of the violence. Taa Wongbe also incurred damage to his vehicle during the process.

Everyone deserved to be given a chance to participate in the primary process in a safe, free, and fair environment. That did not happen.

The ANC considers the situation grave and serious, and its leadership will be meeting tomorrow to decide the way forward, after which I will also be meeting with my CPP colleagues.

Source: Shine Liberia