Hush Puppi arrest for fraud brought a strong comment out of fans and supporters of him. Bucky Raw who happens to be one of Hush friends, he decided to have a pleading moment for this Nigeria top personality, but it went wrong after he got a nasty reply from a lady. Her Savage replied got Bucky upset as he gives her a big blow to defend himself.

Bucky was only trying to be a honest follower to the story concerning Hush Puppi, but things never went as he unexpectedly received a violent reply to his comment. Calling him a thief.

The internet has been on a burning wood after Hush Puppi was arrested over alleged $35M, COVID 19 ventilator fraud in Dubai, with the news circulating through different blogs, one of Liberia most controversial blog, Chichipolyroom made an Instagram post about what occurred with Hush Puppi and the law, Bucky decided to make a comment under the post, but it turn out to be a rap battle. He was actually advocating for Hush to be free when the entire world know this man was arrested for scamming of thousands of dollars. Here’s what happened:

Here are the screenshots for better understanding:

”Free The Man.” – Bucky Raw
”i’m not the one that stole ya nunu so put me down Chile.” – Bucky Raw

Da Gees Oh… could this be lines from CS3 album?