Lofa County, district #4 representative, Hon Mariamu Fofana send in a resignation letter to the Unity Party, withdrawing her intent as a member of the party. She further stated in the later other things that made her push forward to make such decision.

Officially resigning from the party sends a greater and bigger message to her people, as she’s presently thinking about going forward from representative to senator of Lofa County.

Finally, I cannot subject myself to an institution that cannot respect it’s own constitution and rules.
Therefore I’m submitting my withdrawal letter from the party’s primary and letter of resignation with immediate effect

In a year the party has lost two seats in Lofa Country, senator George Tengbeh and now, Hon Mariamu B Fofana. This bring a blowing wind to the former vice president of Liberia, Joseph N Boakai. Some lofians are mad with the fact that the Unity party has been behind the honorable from day one and they see it as the only means she gains relevant in Lofa County to be able to stay in her position this long.

The sad news hits Unity Party but it gives another party a happy welcome treat as ALCOP congrats the honorable for her decision and gives her the green light as a supporting base for her political journey to continue as she’s preparing to make a big move on Lofa to be their senator. A party that was founded by the majority of Muslim and are Mandingo led group of political gurus are trying their best to make this party, this observation has draw more people attention to it and thinking it is for a particular set of people because it was founded by a Mandingo man also a Muslim man, but the group is a political party that was founded for all Life of people, religious and tribes, it’s called All Liberian Coalition Party – ALCOP. This is where the honorable might make her next move.

If this don’t bring a split in Lofa county, it will surely bring a split among few tribal people from lofa county as the battle has already begun on social media from comments and post about the representative decision.

Read below:

Resignation Letter of Hon. Mariamu Beyan Fofana to Unity Party